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Systems with flexibility and processes with momentum

Process optimisation, 360-degree customer service, seamless and digitalised processes – if your system is old, many of the opportunities brought about by digital transformation will remain beyond your reach. You will only be able to offer the kind of services, products and processes that today’s customers expect if you have a foundational system landscape that is modern and flexible. We work together with you to establish the most suitable options and select the best solutions. Our systematic approach ensures that your new IT system will run smoothly – as has proven to be the case for dozens of adesso clients.

The opportunities come with the technology

Insurance companies are facing the same age-old challenges. They need to find and retain customers. They need to organise their internal processes as efficiently as possible. The technological opportunities, however, have completely changed in the last few years. For example, it is now possible to:

  • use integrated information about customers to address them in a personalised manner – if the data resources are correct.
  • be available for your customers on a 24/7 basis – if your solutions also operate on a 24/7 basis.
  • use self-service solutions to streamline your processes – if your customers are won over by your attractive user interfaces.
  • use significantly fewer resources to implement regulatory projects – if your systems are sufficiently flexible.

If you build a modern system architecture today, all of tomorrow’s digital opportunities will be open to you. Our experts develop a solution that is precisely tailored to your needs.


We work with you to analyse your existing system solution and we upgrade the specific aspects that directly affect performance, stability or operationality. Examples include:

  • Changing host or transferring the application to a decentralised system environment
  • Reengineering the application with regard to its maintainability and expandability
  • Changing the operating system and the database system
  • Introducing multi-tier architecture
  • Transforming the application into other programming languages and transferring it to a decentralised system environment
  • Developing a new data model
  • Transferring the existing datasets from hierarchical databases into new structures

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Replacing individual components

We add new modules to individual elements of your system landscape. This gives you new options when designing product, tariffs and processes, including:

  • Use of the existing management system’s portfolio of system components, such as the calculation engine and the data model
  • Use of off-the-shelf solutions as templates
  • Use of flexible solution toolkits
  • Interface system components and partner systems
  • Universal domain interface adapters or an interface processor
  • Analysing the system landscape and putting forward optimisation proposals
  • Integrating system components into the existing system landscape
  • Using existing meta-models
  • Plausibility checks

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Replacing the whole system

By taking a structured approach that is tailored to the specific conditions at your organisation, we implement a new system that helps your employees with all of the claims handling processes. We support you in areas such as:

  • Identifying and evaluating the process-related, organisational and technical requirements of a new system
  • Advising and supporting you with the make-or-buy decision (includes evaluation)
  • Designing and developing new products that are based on off-the-shelf solutions, which serve as templates
  • Using standard software or adesso’s ‘in|sure’ solution (includes integration into your system environment)
  • Transformation/emulation for new infrastructures and other languages
  • Quality assurance, technical and specialised integration tests (includes end-to-end tests) performed by ISTQB-certified testers, test managers and quality managers

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