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Rethinking reinsurance

Processes, portals and perspectives

Develop new business ideas and find alternative sources of revenue – while counteracting cost pressure, structuring workflows and streamlining application processes. Modern IT solutions offer you support with all of these issues. adesso’s reinsurance experts help you to fully optimise your IT budget.

Seamless processes

As a reinsurance provider, the complexity of your processes is something you are aware of on a daily basis. Processing reinsurance contracts includes verifying and evaluating the risk, the pricing and wording process and concluding and managing the contract. It calls for high levels of expertise. By using the right IT systems, you can support, speed up and standardise this process. Furthermore, your cedents and the large reinsurance brokers are expecting more services when handing a reinsurance transaction. They are also expecting support for their own processes. Systems for risk and claims management are now part of the standard offering provided by reinsurance companies, particularly for life and health insurance. The experts who work on our projects draw from their detailed knowledge of the insurance and reinsurance sectors. We work with you to develop a solution that fits your processes perfectly and we implement it so that it integrates seamlessly into your IT system. Choose process automation and services such as risk assessment or claims management in the life insurance sector.

A solution that is tailored to your requirements will open up new prospects in the day-to-day work of your employees, your primary insurers and your brokers.

This includes aspects such as:

  • Portal solutions for communicating with primary insurers, reinsurance brokers and reinsurers
  • Making applications for store employees more mobile-friendly
  • Suitable CRM systems

This includes aspects such as:

  • IT systems to be used by the primary insurer
  • Risk assessment at the point of sale
  • Using various channels (such as telephone interviews, face-to-face service and questionnaires) to support claims assessment
  • Documentation and statistical evaluation

This includes aspects such as:

  • Big data concepts and business intelligence tools
  • Evaluating your individual existing datasets
  • Developing data-driven business models and processes

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