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itec Solingen operates SAP systems with around 140,000 metering points on behalf of Stadtwerke Solingen GmbH and Stadtwerke Solingen Netz GmbH (SW SG).


The existing 2-client solution in SAP IS-U was developed by carrying out several projects that implemented the data exchange processes with a high degree of integration in the IS-U functionality (in line with GPKE and Ge-LiGas rules). These projects were based on SAP IDEX-DE and the SAP ‘Gas consumption calculation’ add-on module.

adesso provides itec with comprehensive support and consulting services via IS-U to support the go-live of the system and carries out format adjustments every six months.

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Our experienced SAP IS-U experts are available to itec whenever necessary with no training efforts required on the part of itec. These experts enable itec to supply SW SG with an SAP IS-U system tailored to its specific procedural requirements.

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