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As many have said before, things do not always turn out as planned – or the way you think. This applies to a wide range of life paths, and mine is one of them. Many years ago, I neither planned nor expected that I would one day end up in the IT industry. But hey, life always has surprises in store.

So how did it all come to pass? The other day, a friend asked me what I was most passionate about in my biotechnology studies. My answer? He is still waiting for it to this day because, to be honest, although I always found scientific research interesting, it was never my real passion. After getting my doctorate, I moved into the fields of science communication and marketing for a few years. They are also exciting industries, but something was missing for me and I went in search of new challenges. Then – as with many other adessi – it was a personal recommendation that drew my attention to adesso and thus the IT industry.

There are good reasons to move into the IT industry

First of all, I have to say that I used to be a bit sceptical of the IT industry. I thought it was a world for maths geniuses and programming nerds. I did do a computer science module at university – though it was only rudimentary – but that was many years ago. When I looked into the subject a bit more, I realised that it is so much more than what I had thought. The IT industry is diverse, creative and dynamic and much more multifaceted in terms of tasks than I would have thought.

Moreover, the IT industry is undoubtedly one of the most important and fastest growing industries of our time. It offers numerous opportunities for personal and professional development at all levels. Especially in the field of consulting, you start gaining insights into different companies, industries and technologies within an incredibly short amount of time. A multifaceted project experience, a dynamic working environment and an inspiring atmosphere contribute significantly to you continuing to develop your own skills. With little downtime and a lot of variety, this industry provides the best conditions to steadily advance your personal development.

But what probably attracted me the most is the fact that it offers a real opportunity for change. The IT industry is known for its ability to solve problems and develop innovative ideas and approaches. The more complex the system and field of application, the more important it is to combine a variety of skills and perspectives in order to develop the best possible solution. And who would not want to be part of an industry that helps make the world a better place?

What skills should you bring to the table when making the change?

After nearly six months at adesso and a multitude of conversations with inspiring colleagues, I can say that there are a lot of skills and competencies that can be helpful – and that have helped me – when changing careers to the IT industry. I would now like to highlight three of these core competencies:

  • Willingness to learn and curiosity: IT is a field that is constantly evolving. Especially as a career changer, you have to be ready to constantly learn and to adapt to new technologies and changes. A high willingness to learn and curiosity about innovations and new products and applications is therefore indispensable.
  • Problem-solving skills: Work in the IT industry often involves solving complex problems. In order to be successful in this field, you should at best have strong problem-solving skills and be willing to work with others to find creative solutions to difficult challenges – because there is always room for new ideas and solutions.
  • Ability to work in a team and communication skills: In the IT industry, lots of people work together to realise complex projects. This makes it important to be a team player, to be able to clearly communicate essential issues and to take responsibility for your own tasks so you can work together with your colleagues and customers in the best possible way, and do so over the long term as well.

Self-organisation is also an indispensable and important competency in the field of IT consulting. You often have to deal with a variety of tasks and projects when you work in the project business in IT. Good self-organisation helps you keep track of all the tasks and projects and work efficiently.

What does adesso do to help career changers get off to a good start in IT consulting?

As someone who has been working at adesso for about six months, I can confirm that adesso is a ‘Great Place to Work’ for all employees – no matter whether they are career changers or experienced IT professionals – and attaches great importance to its employees’ satisfaction and well-being. This is not only reflected in its numerous awards as a top employer, but it can also especially be seen in its employees’ daily interaction with one another. Cooperative work is always done in a supportive manner and on equal footing.

adesso also offers excellent professional conditions for the development of each individual. A comprehensive range of training courses, some of which are specially tailored to career changers’ needs, facilitates quick entry into the project business. From what I have seen, adesso is also a company that is always open to innovations, new approaches to solutions and creative ideas. Employees are given the opportunity to constantly develop and to contribute their expertise and experience from other disciplines.

No matter whether it is about change management, agile processes or business process management, in the numerous self-organised communities, everyone can find exciting topics and a place for individual exchange – even beyond daily work. And for those who want to network with like-minded individuals who are not computer scientists, the career changer community, which has over 160 adesso employees, is exactly the right place to be.

I dared to take the step into IT consulting and did not let myself be discouraged by sentences like ‘but you cannot do that!’ For me personally, it was the best decision I could have made. Every day, I look forward to taking on new challenges and improving my skills.

adesso proves that changing your career to one in the IT industry can also be a great way to grow personally and professionally. This is of course not always an easy task. But those who are willing to take on the challenge will be rewarded with new perspectives and opportunities that they might never have thought existed before.

And who knows, maybe you know people who want to think outside the box and discover their passion for the IT industry as part of the adesso family!

You will find more exciting topics from the adesso world in our latest blog posts.

Picture Sissy-Christin Lorenz

Author Sissy-Christin Lorenz

Sissy-Christin Lorenz has been working as an IT Consultant at adesso in the Line of Business Cross Industries since 2022. Her main focus is on project management and change management.

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