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Conversational AI, also known as Conversational Artificial Intelligence, refers to the technology that enables computers or machines to communicate in natural language. Use Conversational AI in the financial services sector to improve the customer experience by enabling your customers to have interactive conversations with virtual assistants to get the most out of various financial services and products.

Conversational AI in banking includes chatbots, voice assistants and other types of virtual assistants that enable human-like interactions to answer customer queries, solve problems and provide advisory services quickly and at any time. This technology is the next step in perfecting customer service in banking while making it more efficient.


Toy or game changer?

ChatGPT moves minds. Depending on one's point of view and personal preference, the application is the tool that will lead humanity to new heights. Or the scourge that will deal a death blow to creativity and independent thinking. Everyone has a gut feeling, everyone has an attitude.

So that you can have your say, we provide the facts.

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Key Partner for AI Implementation

adesso is one of the leading IT service providers in the field of AI technologies and offers comprehensive end-to-end solutions in the entire field of language processing with AI, including strategy, conception, implementation and operation. adesso has a deep understanding of the latest technologies and trends and combines industry, technology and AI expertise at the highest level. The AI experts at adesso offer comprehensive consulting and implementation in the area of Conversational AI, always with the aim of deriving the greatest possible benefit from the technology. Numerous financial customers already rely on the know-how from Dortmund, which is characterised by Bafin-compliant implementation. With adesso as a partner, companies can be sure to benefit from the latest developments in the field of AI and receive a comprehensive solution that meets their high requirements.

Our offer in banking

With our Conversational AI System for Banking, we offer you a solution tailored to your individual needs. We provide you with a portal through which you can select specific AI use cases and discuss your strategy for positioning AI in the company with you in customised workshop formats. Our holistic consulting approach includes the selection of suitable AI use cases and technologies to increase your efficiency and reduce your costs. We submit proposals for concrete implementation technologies and stand by you as a partner in improving your customer retention, customer acquisition and customer win-back.

Our goal is to provide you with a modern Conversational AI solution that will help you stand out from your competitors and move your business forward. We make sure you are up to date in all areas of Conversational AI technology.

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