The Internet of Things at adesso

The way to connect people, machines and smart connected products

adesso connects the world – thanks to the Internet of Things

  • Mobile cranes provide detailed data on every operation and also provide new service and remote support options.
  • Lighting systems collect their own usage information via sensors and use it to optimise their energy consumption based on the behaviour of the building users themselves.
  • Entire machine parks are networked so that maintenance is triggered independently before downtimes occur.

These are just a few examples of how it can be used. The Internet of Things has gone from being a future topic to having firmly arrived in the now. The increasing degree of digitalisation that it entails not only poses major challenges for companies and industry, but at the same time also opens up a wide range of opportunities. adesso assists you in exploiting this innovation potential for yourself.

Smart connected products for more customer satisfaction

A central theme here is smart connected products. These are physical products that have embedded electronics and connectivity. They are able to collect data and communicate with other products or systems. This aspect has opened up a wealth of possibilities that offer great added value to both end customers and manufacturing companies.

Through their networking, smart connected products can collect and exchange data. In this way, they ensure

  • the development of new sources of revenue through the development of new, data-driven services,
  • increased transparency,
  • saving time and resources,
  • the elimination of sources of error and
  • comprehensive process optimisation.

Thanks to the integration of smart technologies, they also improve the user experience and increase customer satisfaction.

Free white paper on the Industrial Internet of Things

IIoT platforms as a central database for digital production

Are you looking to optimise your production based on data? Then you cannot avoid IIoT platforms. Being well prepared is the key to making your first venture into them a successful one. Our white paper is here to help you do just that.

In it, you will learn

  • what companies use IIoT platforms for,
  • which platforms are available,
  • how to find the right IIoT platform and
  • what role IIoT platforms will play in production in future.

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adesso provides holistic IoT solutions from a single source

adesso is your partner for topics related to the Internet of Things and smart connected products. From data collection to cloud development and data analysis, we support our customers with holistic approaches and the development of digital services - across the industry and always with a focus on the added value and benefits of the solution. We connect your machines and devices with the virtual world and create smart connected products. In this way, we make you fit for the requirements of digitalisation and the development of unused potential.

Because digitalisation promotes product innovation: water no longer just runs through a tap. Networking and data provision make it smart and create new possibilities: Flushing intervals are automatically carried out to ensure hygiene standards, or anomalies in water consumption are detected and reported accordingly. This not only creates valuable data that can be used for topics such as maintenance and predictive maintenance - companies can also use these smart products to open up new and digital service opportunities and expand their business field.

An overview of our services

Technologies and frameworks

IoT platforms and modern cloud technologies such as Microsoft Azure are among the tools we use each and every day. We focus on your requirements during the implementation process in order to develop the best possible architecture.

An optimal IoT infrastructure as the basis for your own solutions

Not every IoT platform is equally suited to every project. The approaches differ both in terms of the range of functions (from readymade dashboards to individual cloud services for building your own functions) and the type of provision (software components, PaaS, SaaS), as well as the flexibility needed to adapt to your own requirements.

We support you in choosing the right technology – from open source to SaaS solutions – and are available to help you with the implementation.

Successful projects and satisfied customers – our selected references

Our excerpt from our references gives you an insight into our day-to-day work and the various projects we implement to help our customers streamline their business processes and make them more efficient using modern technologies.

Our blog posts on the Internet of Things

In our blog, we take you on an exciting journey across the adesso world. We report on technologies, methods and topics that affect individual sectors, as well as discuss our own experiences.

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