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Customer relationships

Cross-channel shopping experiences ensure long-term customer retention

Take advantage of opportunities and retain customers

Digitalisation doesn’t just pose challenges to the retail sector – it also offers great opportunities: These range from addressing the customer in a personalised manner on the online store, to conducting transactions in-store or on the online store, right through to different online and offline sales channels that are harmonised with one another. Companies need to make the most of these opportunities to retain customers in the long term and remain competitive.

Seamless multi-channel shopping experience

Increase the likelihood that you will retain your customers with personalised offers and a seamless transition between online and offline shopping.

Your company will retain customers in the long run with personalised offers and a seamless transition between online and offline shopping. You will need to address your customers in a targeted and customised way at every touchpoint, online as well as offline, in order to retain customers and gain new ones.

You can offer your customers a consistent customer experience across all channels with personally modulated services throughout the customer journey, which can include reservations, availabilities, shopping cart transfers, customer cards or vouchers.

Our experts will support you in tackling this challenge and developing a true omnichannel that links stationary retail stores and online stores and produces cross-channel customer experiences.

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Personalised digital marketing

Real-time targeting facilitates the development of relevant clusters and gaining new insights into customer behaviour.

Personalisation and content optimisation in line with target groups are crucial from a marketing perspective. On the one hand, customers don’t want to share their personal data, but on the other, they want to receive personalised content about particular topics.

You will only be able to gain relevant customer insights if you think beyond point of sale and e-commerce transactions – particularly if you develop a hyperlocal view of your businesses’ and customers’ environment. This way, real-time targeting can be customised to the cluster to the greatest possible degree to increase the likelihood that a purchase will be made.

Our experts will support you in developing relevant micro-clusters and gaining new insights into customer behaviour.

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Sales support

‘Sales Assist’ provides all the relevant information about your customers – such as suitable products, services and order histories – at a glance.

‘Sales Assist’ provides your sales representatives or employees with all the relevant data they need about each customer on the sales floor. We process the customer information to assist you in daily planning and route planning and to optimally prepare you for meetings to support consultations on the sales floor, for example. Follow-up work for customer meetings can also be done digitally, directly in the application.

General administrative data – such as working hours, requests for time off and expense claims – can also be recorded and processed. Our experts will support you in designing and implementing customised sales support for your relevant target groups.

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An AI solution that reaches out to customers on their level

Learn how Artificial Intelligence brings that back into communication what used to be taken for granted: knowledge of the interests and characteristics of each individual customer.

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Store overview

The store overview combines internal and external data about your store or market so that your store management gains a holistic overview and has action recommendations for optimising store operations.

You will also receive recommendations for optimising store operations and leading practices based on data interpretations from other stores that come from a similar context. You can then take on and communicate these recommendations.

By introducing a store overview, we will support you in combining different data types with your internal data and visualising these for your store management. This way, we can create a hyperlocal view of your business and you will be supported in hyper-regional market planning and management.

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Digital assistant

The full-featured, interactive chat option facilitates interaction in defined content fields between humans and IT systems using natural language.

We enable your customers to interact with your IT systems using natural language and also develop your digital assistant platform with all the necessary components and links to sources of knowledge.

Our digital assistant platform offers different components, which we provide as a Platform as a Service (PAAS). Using our chatbot enables a full-featured, interactive chat option in defined content fields or knowledge domains and offers you the perfect addition to specialist applications, as well as rounding off your omnichannel strategy.

Our experts will support you in defining content fields and setting up an interactive chat option between human beings and IT systems using natural language.

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Interactive (audio)visual and digitalised information

Using interactive monitors and virtual reality will allow your employees to access personalised, additional customer information during their sales pitch.

Top off your omnichannel strategy with dynamic digital signage systems. Certain preference data can be collected from your customers in-store and analysed with the help of behavioural detection technologies.

Our experts will support you in strategically using interactive monitors and virtual reality to provide you with action recommendations for addressing your customers in a personalised way, with customised content.

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