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Core processes

Time and cost optimisation from a single source

Whether it’s core business or customer processes, all procedures have to work seamlessly and efficiently in the digitalised world of retail. Optimising your processes will allow you to create added value both within the company and on a customer level. This is the only way that you will be able to withstand increasing pressure from competitors and remain competitive.

Multi-channel policy

An intelligent policy can coordinate goods dispatch from your stores and balance out excess and insufficient inventory levels by linking your online store to your stationary retail stores.

This way, your stationary stores can become an expanded storage area for your online store, while your online store becomes a sales tool for your stationary store.

Based on the customer’s postcode and shopping cart, an intelligent rules engine can determine whether a store near the customer has the desired product in stock. This way, your customers will be able to reserve products in a store of their choice via the online store.

Our experts will support you in introducing and using a multichannel policy to link your online store and your stationary stores.

Automate product information

In the digitalised retail sector, product lifecycles are becoming ever shorter, information goes out of date faster and master data, prices, images, media formats, technical details and product texts have to be frequently adapted

Use the automation process to collect, structure, process and transfer product data to an individual target data structure.

adesso offers you an intelligent and cognitive automation process for structuring, processing, refining and transferring your product data to your product information management system.

We base our work on your unique and standardised target data structure during product data import and harmonisation. Our experts implement an intelligent product master data import that learns. This can be used to recognise and create new or local products, for example.

This gives you the opportunity to make the product information that you need to sell a product to your customers or that allows customers to select the right product available at all touchpoints. We will support you in expanding your product range and automating the processes associated with this.

A system that explains your products automatically and well

Learn how AI applications help to keep product information up to date - and fully automatically.

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Cognitive communication centre

A cognitive communication centre allows you to interpret message content and create a context-based entity relationship network of topics, people, applications and data systems.

A type of cross-channel data management referred to as a ‘Single Point of Truth’ (SPOT) will allow you to maintain a valid database for your customer contacts, as well as for your contextualised business processes and backend systems.

Using cognitive services allows you to interpret and classify unstructured content – through Natural Language Understanding (NLU) or Natural Language Classifier (NLC), for example. On this basis, it is possible to trigger events in your backend systems, whether it is for request processing or further processing customer requests.

Our experts will support you in constructing and using a cognitive communication centre. This will allow you to interpret your corporate communications and optimise your business processes.

Modernising specialist applications

Over the years, a wide range of different IT structures have been developed for implementing various administrative processes.

It is becoming increasingly expensive and laborious to maintain these structures. Accordingly, it is necessary to consolidate your IT system so that the number of systems and processes are standardised.

We have many years of experience in developing specialist applications and will accompany you on every step of your project, from requirement specification to design, development and testing, right through to the successful rollout of your new specialist application.

Using augmented reality technologies

The integration of merchandising, marketing and supply chain management is one of the biggest challenges in retail and forms the focus of core business.

That’s why you should support your store marketing and store operation in the future with the aid of mixed reality technologies. We can support you in optimising your store operations business segment. For example, you can manage shelf planning and refilling, which had been carried out on paper until now, with the aid of mixed reality technologies.

Your employees can access the merchandise management systems involved and receive analytical evaluations directly on the sales floor by wearing augmented reality glasses, for example. Immediate action recommendations for store operation can be shown and triggered within the context of existing business processes.

Our experts will support you in designing and introducing mixed reality technologies for the store marketing and store operation of the future.

Automated text generation with NLG

Structured product information and appealing product descriptions can be written automatically in over 15 languages with the aid of ‘Natural Language Generation’, a cognitive service.

You can save up to 90 per cent in costs for creating product descriptions by using this technology. At the same time, you will create an improved digital experience for your customers and provide large volumes of high-quality texts.

Natural Language Generation uses algorithms to consistently improve your product description texts, which in turn will boost your search engine ranking and help to market your product in search engines.

Our experts will support you in using Natural Language Generation Services so that you will be able to create more product content, even if you have limited staff resources.

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