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In this blog post, we would like to present a further training programme that we were able to run at adesso last year: the Master of Project Management. This is a programme tailored to project managers that focuses on typical project management methods and techniques. The programme provides participants with a very good toolkit for operating successfully in the complex world of IT projects, managing them efficiently and leading them to success. The programme is therefore aimed not only at prospective project managers, but also at established project managers who want to continuously develop their skills and exchange ideas with the community beyond the programme. The training programme runs for a year in parallel with daily project work, is divided into several training and self-study phases and ends with certification as a PMI Project Management Professional (PMP).

What does the training programme involve and how is it structured?

During the training programme, all participants meet regularly to learn and deepen the basics of project management. Participants gain insights and valuable experience in the areas of proposal management, project costing and strategic project management. In addition, important aspects such as the collection of key figures and project controlling are covered. Various systems, tools and instruments used at adesso are presented. Topics such as IT contract law and agile software development methods are also covered. The PMI is not limited to SCRUM, even if many terms in the application are traced back to this framework.

In the programme, we go beyond traditional project management training by analysing the expectations and motives of the participants with the help of the MBTI model and learning how to deal with the various behaviours. After all, it is not only the technical and organisational skills of a project manager that are important, but also strong communication to motivate and develop teams and overcome obstacles. Another important factor is to correctly and fully understand the requirements of the customer and all relevant stakeholders and to ensure that the team has understood these correctly.

Other training units focus on various communication models, but also on conducting a conversation in a structured manner, underpinning strategies and decisions with valid arguments, giving valuable and constructive feedback, consciously using non-verbal communication and de-escalating conversations. The topic of time and self-management is also covered. As a project manager in particular, you are constantly faced with the problem of having to juggle everything and meet a dozen milestones. Not every project always runs smoothly, which is why it is important to create a solid basis at an early stage and stay in close contact with the customer. Participants learn to always treat others with respect and empathy, even in difficult situations.

The major final examination is the PMP certification. The contents are among the highest standards in project management. The certification is recognised in over 80 countries worldwide and is used across all industries. The special thing about the content of the PMP exam is that you are provided with a complete framework that can be customised to your own project context. The PMI places particular emphasis on the following areas: Leadership, project scope, project schedule, budget, resources, quality management, risk management, communication, procurement process and stakeholder management.

The participants of the adesso Master of Project Management 2023 training programme

The participants of the adesso Master of Project Management 2023 training programme

At the end of the programme, participants should be able to take responsibility for small to medium-sized projects with a scope of up to around 500 person-days. The aim is to prepare graduates as well as possible for the challenges of modern project management and to enable them to act successfully in their roles. As is customary in the adesso culture, the team of trainers responds to individual questions or problems and takes the participants' feedback to heart. In this way, the programme is regularly and purposefully adapted to the needs and challenges of the dynamic project world.

If you want to develop your leadership skills, improve your communication skills and lead our projects to success, then the Master of Project Management programme is just right for you!

The adesso programme has not only helped me to achieve my professional goals, but has also promoted my personal growth. I was able to apply the skills I learned in the programme not only directly in my projects, but also in dealing with challenges in everyday life.
Feedback from a participant
aPMP has proven to be a trailblazer for the next generation of project managers. With its holistic approach and commitment to interpersonal communication, it will continue to play a leading role in the training of project management experts within adesso in the years to come. Our customers can also benefit from this and build on our expertise.
Feedback from a participant

Within the programme, we were able to meet new colleagues, exchange ideas with like-minded people and discuss situations on our various projects. We are delighted to have become part of this network and look forward to seeing our colleagues again soon!

adesso as a strategic partner in project management

In the world of software development, it is crucial to find partners who not only have technical expertise, but are also able to manage projects effectively and understand the needs of customers. In this context, adesso is undoubtedly an outstanding strategic partner. In particular, adesso has established itself as a reliable partner for successful project management through training and certification as an adesso Master of Project Management (aMPM).

A key aspect of the aMPM training programme is its focus on practice-oriented skills. Participants not only learn theoretical concepts, but are also trained in real project situations. Dealing with conflict situations, learning negotiation techniques and mastering communication challenges are an integral part of the programme. This enables graduates not only to successfully pass through the phases of project management, but also to react confidently to unforeseen challenges.


The prospects for working with adesso are promising. With us, you can be sure that your projects are in the best hands. In addition, adesso offers continuous support and further training opportunities to make the collaboration successful in the long term and to meet the constantly changing requirements of the industry.

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