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Everyone makes GenAI and that's right! But despite the hype surrounding GenAI, the fundamental field of machine learning (ML) must not be forgotten. Because there is still a lot of untapped potential for companies here. Few people understand what artificial intelligence (AI) actually includes and how to use it optimally for their own business. We have gained a lot of experience as trainers and based on this we have created suitable training offers.

Why every company needs machine learning skills

Although Generative AI (GenAI) is currently in high demand, its field of activity is mainly limited to the creation and processing of text and image data. Standard tasks include classification, interpretation, summarization, transcription, and extraction of information. The classic machine learning methods, on the other hand, are trained to recognize patterns and correlations in the company's own data and to make predictions or decisions based on them. This includes the detection of possible categories, such as spam or no spam, but also forecasts of continuous values, such as revenue forecasts, as well as the detection of anomalies or recommendation systems.

In all companies, data is primarily used for reporting and analysis of current developments. But what about future developments? This is where machine learning comes into play. While traditional analyses explain what has happened, machine learning models predict what will happen and recommend actions. This enables proactive action.

The main objective is to increase the efficiency of business processes. Machine learning can speed up many manual processes and reduce errors. Routine tasks can be automated, giving employees more capacity for more important tasks. Other valuable use cases include prediction of customer churn or churn prediction, fraud detection, financial forecasting, optimization of transport routes or inventory, prediction of outages and maintenance or predictive maintenance.

Machine learning enables companies to make data-driven decisions, optimize processes and thereby gain competitive advantages. Well-trained employees are the key to this.

adesso’s training offer

In addition to a classic consulting service with knowledge transfer, we offer our customers a variety of training courses to build up AI expertise. In terms of scope, level of knowledge, target groups and technologies, we have something for everyone in our repertoire.

You have not yet had any contact points with the topic of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning?

How about our one-day training course “Introduction to Machine Learning and AI”? In particular, you will learn which use cases are possible, how to structure AI projects professionally, as well as practical basics in terms of algorithms and metrics. We do not require any programming knowledge. Based on this training, we offer specialization modules such as a feature engineering training. This subject area accounts for up to 80 percent of the time, technical and human resources of any AI project and is crucial for the performance of machine learning models. Here we teach the different techniques of feature engineering as well as feature selection and extraction.

As a manager, you want to introduce an AI strategy in your company?

We help you with this in our “AI training for managers”. Here we pass on AI expertise, years of project experience and best practices to you in a few days.

You are already one step further and now want to build up in-depth AI know-how in your company?

The comprehensive “PATH2DATA” program will turn you into a machine learning expert in 10 to 18 weeks. It consists of a basics bootcamp, supervised self-learning phases and final project weeks. We pass on our expertise as data scientists to you and then work with you on company-relevant application cases.

You rely on cloud technologies like Azure?

That's not a problem either. In our “Azure ML Workshop”, we show you all the components and Azure services for successful implementation of ML projects.

Why adesso?

Many of the trainings have their origins in adesso’s internal training catalogue. And what adesso is very well received internally should also be available to you. We have already carried out our training with well-known customers, including in the automotive and energy sectors as well as the public service. We are not only experienced trainers, but also users and developers ourselves.

We are flexible! Our training courses offer numerous opportunities for individualisation. Whether remotely or together on site, on premise or in the cloud. . . Together with you, we create a learning plan that is tailored to you.

We use (sample) data from your industry and provide an adesso learning environment for practical exercises if needed.

We won’t leave you alone after training. Our consulting services range from enterprise-wide data and AI strategy to the use of AI methods and frameworks to the operational operation of AI applications.


The machine learning field remains a fundamental part of any data-driven enterprise. Well-trained employees are essential. With the diverse adesso training offer in the field of machine learning, we make you experts! Please come to us.

If you have any questions or further information about our training program, please contact our adessi Ralf Sager.

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Author Maria Selimbegovic

Maria Selimbegovic has been working for adesso as a Data Scientist for more than 5 years. Her work focuses on Machine Learning, Deep Learning, GenAI and MLOps. She also works as a trainer for adesso Machine Learning trainings.

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