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adesso plays key role in launch of new service platform for BMI Procurement Office

Supported by adesso, the Procurement Office of the German Federal Ministry of the Interior (BMI) has successfully launched its new Public Procurement Data Service. The new service pools all publication data relating to tenders in a central, multifunctional service platform. adesso assisted the Procurement Office in a number of fields, including the detailed conceptualisation, specifications management and technical implementation of key components.

Wednesday 25 October 2023 was a date with far-reaching consequences in the awarding of public tenders in Germany. From this point onwards, publications relating to EU-wide tenders are only permitted in the digital eForms format and are transferred to the EU’s Publications Office centrally via the Public Procurement Data Service. The platform aims to enhance transparency in EU-wide public procurement and provide bidders with an easily accessible and central source of information.

The Public Procurement Data Service consists of four main components: a content management system, a placement service, an eSender hub and a publications service. Operational and technical responsibility lies with the BMI’s Procurement Office, which adesso has advised on a wide range of topics as a long-standing project partner. When it came to developing the new platform’s publication service, adesso advised on the mapping of new services for end users and the structuring of new processes. adesso experts also designed the content management system and handled the implementation on both the technical and end-user sides. In addition, the team ensured that eVergabe-Online, the contracting platform operated by the BMI’s Procurement Office that supplies information to the Public Procurement Data Service, went live on time and supports the eForms standard.

“The close working relationship and spirit of trust between our experts and the team at the Procurement Office enabled us to deliver the components entrusted to us successfully and on schedule,” says Peter Düvelmeyer, head of the Public Procurement Data Service project at adesso. “It was all about outstanding teamwork.”

Peter Düvelmeyer, Head of the "Public Procurement Data Service" project at adesso

Alexander Mohr, responsible for the eVergabe-Online project at adesso, adds: “We are delighted that we were able to help the Procurement Office launch the new platform and make sure that eVergabe-Online went live by the deadline and supports the eForms standard. This was another project in which excellent teamwork and relationships built on trust were the crucial success factors.”

Alexander Mohr, responsible for the project e-Vergabe-Online at adesso

Further information on the Public Procurement Data Service is available here:

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