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adesso study: Almost three-quarters of companies perceive generative AI as an opportunity - From the next big thing to everyday helper

Is 2024 the year when generative AI makes a real-world breakthrough? This is the question that the IT service provider adesso posed to 400 business leaders in Germany, and the responses left no room for interpretation: companies are already preparing for a world where the use of artificial intelligence (AI) is as commonplace as sending emails and instant messages and using collaboration tools.

In what could be the “iPhone moment” for AI, ChatGPT developers OpenAI have recently opened a new store where users can share and sell they have developed. These apps, known as GPTs, are based on OpenAI technology and cover a wide range of different technologies, from AI-based mini-programmes, language-learning apps and travel planners to applications for business clients. The reality is that, despite issues with questionable content, made-up facts and violations of the General Data Protection Regulation, more and more companies are making use of the opportunities offered by artificial intelligence and are even willing to surrender their trade secrets in return.

adesso wanted to know how generative AI, or GenAI for short, is being received in the corporate world, what roles tools such as ChatGPT play in everyday processes and what the pitfalls of the technology might be. The 400 responses to the study are being used to determine the current mood in the German economy.

Key results at a glance:

  • Interest in GenAI unwavering. The majority of business leaders firmly believe that the pros of AI far outweigh the cons, be it in terms of enhancing value creation or overcoming the shortage of skilled workers. Some 73 % of respondents think that GenAI applications represent a significant opportunity for their business models. A total of 61 % harbour hopes that AI will solve the shortfall in human resources.
  • Top management taking charge of GenAI. And with good reason too: 88 % of respondents estimate that they save at least one hour a day by using GenAI. In other words, the new technology is already delivering on its promise to increase efficiency even at this early stage of its roll-out. It’s no surprise then that 58 % of respondents confirmed that the top level of their company’s management is stepping up its efforts to drive forward implementation of GenAI solutions.
  • GenAI emerging from the experimental phase. The study also shows that companies are now rolling out GenAI applications on a step-by-step basis. The vast majority of respondents, 78 %, intend to implement such solutions before year is out.
  • Some obstacles to onward trajectory. Despite all the euphoria surrounding GenAI, businesses also believe that the AI technology poses some challenges. GenAI solutions can only fully leverage their strengths if they are seamlessly integrated into existing IT infrastructure and processes. For 38 % of executives, the lack of integration is the reason why they are still not drawing on applications like ChatGPT. In a more general sense, 27 % of respondents don’t see any use cases for GenAI in their sector, while 20 % admit to not knowing enough about the new technology.
  • Opinion divided over regulation. Respondents were undecided on what role AI regulation will play moving forward. Around 42 % of respondents believe that the EU AI Act will strengthen the European economy in the area of AI, and roughly the same percentage feel that it will have no impact. The remaining 16 % of respondents, however, believe that excessively strict regulation could weaken Europe’s standing as a place to do business. Nevertheless, 65 % of executives want to utilise GenAI applications developed by German providers.

adesso study: Corporate decision-makers see GenAI as an opportunity for their business model (Source: adesso SE)

“In our meetings with businesses we are sensing curiosity and optimism in equal measure,” says Benedikt Bonnmann, Business Area Lead und Head of Data & Analytics at adesso. “There is a huge amount of interest in the opportunities GenAI opens up. Not only that, strategic considerations are now also top of many business leaders’ agendas. Only by integrating GenAI-based applications into processes and IT systems can companies benefit from the technology in the long run and fully leverage its potential. And 2024 is all about laying the groundwork for that.”

More information on the findings of the survey are available at

Study method

The market research firm heute & morgen polled a total of 400 business leaders in Germany about GenAI and ChatGPT on behalf of adesso in November 2023.

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