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Employee experience with Microsoft Viva

A new work experience for your employees

What is Microsoft Viva?

In today’s world, companies are reliant on the motivation and commitment of their employees to be successful. Remote and hybrid work pose new challenges for companies and their managers in terms of managing interdisciplinary teams. To retain employees in the long term, they need to create measures that go beyond general employer branding.

With Microsoft Viva, your employees can network more and build communities and connections that contribute to a positive company culture. The Employee Experience Platform creates new opportuni-ties for interaction, training and mindfulness.

Communication, expertise, training, resources and insights are combined in a holistic platform, which aims to improve working conditions and motivation – no matter where in the world. The platform provides companies and employees with digital tools that make everyday work easier, especially in the age of remote work. From a technical point of view, Microsoft Viva builds on Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams as a platform. Since users are already familiar with the tools, using Viva is easy for them and they’re not put off by having to learn something from scratch – meaning it naturally ends up in the heart of where most people spend their working day.

Overview of the Microsoft Viva Suite

Microsoft’s Employee Experience Platform (EXP) is currently divided into four modules: Viva Insights, Viva Learning, Viva Topics and Viva Connections. Two more components will be launched in Q3 and Q4 2022 respectively: Viva Goals and Viva Sales. All Viva products integrate seamlessly with Microsoft Teams, making your modern workplace a new experience for your employees.

Viva Insights gives your employees important insights into their personal work habits. This enables them to better regulate their own work behaviour and thus create more stress-free working conditions for themselves. Easy-to-implement recommendations, such as setting focus times that allow them to work more mindfully, improve their well-being. Viva Insights protects your employees’ privacy. Personal insights are only visible to the individual employ-ee.

Viva Learning turns knowledge management and personal development into an integral part of everyday work. Give your employees access to a wide range of learning content from different data sources – all in one central location directly in Microsoft Teams. Use standard content from Microsoft Learn and LinkedIn Learning or offer your company’s own learning content via SharePoint (intranet) connection. Optimise your onboarding process for new employees. All in a central e-learning platform.

Viva Topics allows you to take your knowledge management to the next level. In this module, artificial intelligence analyses company data and content from different data sources (such as SharePoint Online), organises it and displays it clearly on topic cards. Topic cards show relat-ed documents, conversations, videos and contact information of experts on the subject-specific topic. The integration into Microsoft Teams means knowledge can be shared directly and further developed within the company.

Company news, important updates and resources to help make working more efficient pro-vide employees with information and motivation at any time and from anywhere. Viva Con-nections is a further development of an intranet based on SharePoint Online, which can be directly integrated into Microsoft Teams with additional features. Provide your employees with a unique information portal consisting of SharePoint files, Yammer conversations and content customised for them.

Modern business management is all about objectives and key results (OKR) and the devel-opment of corporate strategies and business plans. Microsoft Viva Goals helps you visualise business and team goals, define who is responsible for what and visualise progress in interactive dashboards. Prioritising tasks increases the effectiveness of your teams and has a lasting impact on the success of your company. Define your corporate goals and let your employees actively participate in achieving them.

Viva Sales, the first role-based Viva application, brings artificial intelligence and automation to your sales teams. Link Viva Sales to any CRM system and synchronise information and data from all your usual Microsoft 365 applications. Save valuable time on data entry and CRM maintenance and benefit from AI-powered recommendations such as reminders and to-do lists. This allows your sales teams to focus on maintaining and developing customer relation-ships.

Features and benefits of Microsoft Viva

The Employee Experience Platform (EXP) allows you to focus on your employees and create a holistic work experience:

  • Microsoft Teams acts as the central platform of the modern workplace
  • You can reflect and evaluate your working methods
  • You have options to organise yourself with mindfulness at the centre (booking focus times), thus enabling you to deal with complexity better
  • Resilience increases throughout the entire organisation
  • Staff loyalty increases, and staff turnover decreases
  • You have easy access to knowledge and content from experts in your organisation
  • Topics and projects are sorted and made clearer, improving internal organisation
  • Making digital learning content an integral part of everyday working life provides further training opportunities

What we have to offer for your Employee Experience Platform with Microsoft Viva

Create a new form of employee loyalty and empower your employees to develop their potential in harmony with their personal well-being. In our holistic Microsoft Viva workshop, we will give you an overview of the service modules and work with you to develop specific use cases and recommenda-tions for your own Employee Experience Platform:

  • One-day workshop including an introduction to the Viva platform with use cases and demos
  • Identify what you need to introduce an EXP solution and what you want to achieve with it
  • Become familiar with the requirements needed to use Viva service modules
  • Use Microsoft Viva to identify potential for your organisation
  • Learn about the best practices for the individual modules in terms of data protection
  • Workshops can be held anywhere: remotely, at your site or in our offices

Enhance your modern workplace with Microsoft Viva and create a unique work experience for your employees. Take your employee satisfaction to a new level and unleash previously unidentified and unleveraged potential. Together with our adesso MIND concept (you can find more information on that here: adeso MIND: actively dealing with complexity in a way that's targeted and solution-oriented), your employees become the key to your company’s success.

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