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The SAP ERP system maps all your company’s core processes, including finance and accounting, human resources, production, procurement and logistics. Our experts are here to help you, from your transformation to SAP S/4HANA through to custom SAP solutions, industry solutions and SAP software architecture. By doing so we provide you with the solutions you need to transform your business processes.

SAP authorisations

By using SAP authorisations in an SAP system, you control access by your employees – for example, to personal data – and assign different authorisation roles. Since access security must be guaranteed, authorisation concepts, authorisation tools and automated protection of SAP systems are important factors.

In this context, companies often face similar challenges:

1. Your company has received a list of audit findings from auditors and needs help in correcting the various compliance deficiencies in the SAP security environment.

2. Your company is facing a review or an external audit and you would like to eliminate possible findings in advance. What are known as security checks are frequently carried out here beforehand.

3. Your company needs support in maintaining and implementing your authorisation concept.

4. Your company would like to design an authorisation concept because no proper concept exists to date, or the concept has not been put in writing.

5. Authorisations have grown historically and are no longer transparent. Customers often decide to carry out an authorisation redesign in order to reduce the authorisations to a minimum again and to design them according to the respective jobs.

6. The company wants to prepare for an S/4HANA migration and must therefore maintain the authorisations accordingly.

Our teams of experts support you in the development and implementation of authorisation concepts. For an upcoming S/4HANA migration, we organise the redesign of authorisations so that your IT landscape will also withstand external audits in the future. In addition, we are happy to advise and support you in the area of system hardening, bringing your systems up to the current security standard and closing potential security gaps.

Our expertise for a sustainable authorisation concept

With adesso as your partner, you will receive a clear and well-documented authorisation concept after our projects. They are set up in such a way that you can successfully pass upcoming audits and have less effort in role administration. The authorisations are developed according to SAP standards, enabling a smooth migration to S/4HANA. Through training and know-how transfer, we ensure that your systems also meet the standards in the long term.

adesso supports you with certified security experts and brings years of authorisation experience to your projects. We always advise you independently of technology in order to find the best solutions individually and especially for you. Our experience in requirements elicitation and the expertise of our cross-module consulting teams help us to achieve this.


New legal requirements, a constantly growing SAP landscape and high customer expectations for faster results: There are many reasons for using SAP GRC! Typical challenges in this context are the acceleration of user requests, the technical expansion of the risk control matrix for all departments or the rollout of GRC into the system landscape. In addition, the business or IT departments should be relieved by automated controls, outsourcing of GRC support is possibly being considered and/or own KPIs should provide more transparency via a dashboard.

In order to implement these requirements in a targeted manner, our SAP experts will support you with the following questions:

  • How can an application workflow be optimally tailored?
  • What is a suitable procedure for implementing new SoD rules?
  • How can a rollout or support be structured?
  • How should new risks and controls be defined so that they are effective?
  • How can existing manual controls be automated with CCM?

We assist you with the technical implementation of SAP GRC and the technical design of content – such as risk control matrices. Our experts will also advise you on interpreting analysis results from the GRC system, derive recommendations for action in cooperation with you and help you introduce the necessary security measures.

You already have a SAP GRC system in operation? If so, we would be happy to advise you on topics such as integration with other IT platforms, automatic controls with CCM, outsourcing of GRC support activities or the development of management dashboards.

We build your GRC system – you identify the risks

With adesso as your project partner, you can set up new GRC systems in a structured manner. After a project, you can clearly identify your risks and SoD conflicts and initiate appropriate measures. You will incur less effort for user requests and, with the introduction of automatic controls, you will also experience a significantly reduced control load. Through training and know-how transfer, we ensure that your employees can take over the operation of a GRC system independently after the project.

adesso supports you with certified security experts and brings years of SAP GRC experience to your projects. We always advise you independently of technology in order to find the best solutions individually and especially for you. Our experience in requirements elicitation and the expertise of our cross-module consulting teams help us to achieve this.

SAP Security Services

Your company is facing a review or an external audit and you would like to eliminate possible findings in advance? You would like to obtain an overview of the risks in your SAP systems in order to reduce the danger of an attack? Your previous authorisation structures have grown historically and are no longer transparent?

Whatever the specific case, security services ensure that risks and deficiencies are identified and then remedied – be it the identification and cleaning up of critical authorisations or risks to prevent attacks.

Seamless system testing with WerthAUDITOR

Our certified security experts show you how to check and maintain your SAP systems for security-relevant features. Whether business critical or technical risks, carrying out a system audit with the help of the WerthAUDITOR provides you with the opportunity to completely check your company’s SAP system landscape, without missing anything. The following audit points are covered by the WerthAUDITOR:

  • Operating system
  • Patch management
  • System hardening
  • Logging and analysis
  • Secure programming
  • Authorisation management
  • Network security

Our recommended actions for your security

With adesso as a partner at your side, you will get an overview of the security status of your SAP systems after our analysis. This information serves as a basis for securing the systems effectively and sustainably. We support you in the interpretation of the summarised results in the WerthAUDITOR, in deriving recommendations for action and in working out the necessary measures. The consultants we deploy are specially certified to use the WerthAUDITOR.

adesso supports you with certified security experts and brings years of SAP and IT experience to your company. We always advise you independently of technology in order to find the best solutions individually and especially for you. Our experience in requirements elicitation and the expertise of our cross-module consulting teams help us to achieve this.

SAP software architecture

Far-reaching developments in the SAP system are no longer expected today. However, further and new developments of SAP-based business models can be best supported by SAP software architecture decisions. A changeover to the S/4HANA technology, for example, offers new possibilities for designing these, and thus also takes the future SAP strategy into account. Core tasks of the SAP system are increasingly being supplemented or even replaced by cloud services or other systems.

The ecosystem around the existing SAP systems continues to grow, which necessitates rethinking, especially with regard to the integration of these systems. Those processes that extend beyond the SAP system boundaries require the consideration of different and individual architecture approaches – such as micro-services or modular monoliths.

In this sense, adesso supports you as a full-stack service provider according to the state of the art. Based on our experience, even the replacement of individual SAP-specific technologies with SAP-independent approaches (oDATA or SOAP, for example) can be thought of, conceived and implemented. There is also the option to integrate new approaches of the S/4HANA technology. In this way, the modularisation, reusability or resilience of SAP solutions can be increased. This improves the integration of your SAP system into the company’s overall ecosystem with various integration points.

adesso – your competent partner for a sustainable SAP software architecture

With adesso at your side, you not only benefit from our development processes, which have been proven in numerous software projects over many years, but also from the technological know-how of our experts beyond the borders of the SAP world (for example in the fields of JAVA, Microsoft, Salesforce or content management). We present you developers with in-depth knowledge and provide you with software architects who work in the SAP and non-SAP world.

We rely on clean requirements engineering in order to understand your ideas and wishes and to build a suitable foundation for implementation. Quality assurance by taking into account the common metrics for measuring the quality of software architectures is standard for us.

We follow a technology-independent approach to find the best solution for you and implement it individually on all desired platforms. Our employees understand your ERP and industry processes and can assess when it makes sense to develop your own solutions in the SAP context.

Development of customised SAP solutions

As a standard software provider, SAP offers a variety of different products. Frequently, internal company processes have to be adapted to the available products. In some cases, however, the software should be adapted to the respective process – for example, in core processes where added value is created and which are part of the company’s USP.

This is where our experts support you in software customisation while simultaneously maximising the integration of your processes into the SAP world. This includes

  • the disintegration of software islands,
  • in-house development as the core of the core ERP system,
  • a minimisation of friction losses and
  • an upgrade and the secure development of interfaces and individual solutions.
  • We also bring your individual developments safely into the S/4HANA world.

adesso – your partner for tailor-made SAP solutions

Benefit from our technological know-how beyond the boundaries of the SAP world – for example in the areas of Java, Microsoft, Salesforce or content management. Our developers have the appropriate expertise before and after the interface and our software architects are at home in the SAP world. Methodically clean requirements engineering serves to understand your ideas and wishes and forms the basis for implementation.

We always advise you independently of technology, are familiar with ERP and industry processes, and show you specifically those cases in which an in-house development in the SAP context generates added value for your company. Thus our experts are able to implement the optimal solution for you on all platforms.

SAP consulting

Within the scope of digitalising core and support processes of your customer-specific SAP landscape, adesso provides professional and technical support and establishes innovative business models together with you. Our experts support you in the transformation of business processes – especially with the introduction of S/4HANA.

By using modern technologies and methods, the value chain can be optimised and the rapidly changing influences of a company on the business processes mapped in SAP can be integrated with effective change management. An overview of our services:

  • Digitalisation of core and support processes that are mapped in SAP
  • Creation of innovative and new business models
  • Transformation of business processes during the introduction of S/4HANA
  • Optimisation of value creation through the use of state-of-the-art technologies and methods
  • Effective change management to implement the rapidly changing influences of a company on the business processes mapped in SAP

In addition to the transformation of business models and business processes, our tasks also include the digitalisation of the tasks involved. Benefit from our integrated consulting on specialist topics and the implementation of your SAP solution. We offer structured requirements management and a technology-neutral approach. An overview of our services:

  • Transformation of business models and/or processes
  • Digitalisation of processes and tasks
  • Structured requirements management
  • Integrated consulting on specialist topics and their implementation
  • Technology-neutral consideration of solutions

adesso offers you an integrated consulting approach – from methodical requirements analysis to solution consulting (solution architecture) to technology-neutral implementation and subsequent operation. Benefit from combined consulting in the areas of enterprise resource planning, data and analytics and the customer experience.

The tailor-made method for your business success

Our iREB-certified employees are distinguished in particular by their methodological competence in the area of requirements engineering. Our workshop format of the Interaction Room also serves the joint iterative development of solutions. Thanks to our combined technical expertise in the SAP areas of enterprise resource planning, data and analytics and the customer experience, we are able to offer you a complete package that looks at different solutions from different angles.

An overview of your benefits:

  • iREB-certified adesso experts
  • Interrelated expertise in the SAP areas of enterprise resource planning, data and analytics and the customer experience
  • Technology-neutral consulting
  • Cross-industry product expertise

SAP transformation to S/4HANA

The transformation to S/4HANA must be completed by 2027 or by 2030 at the latest. SAP S/4HANA transformation is a project with great opportunities and several risks. The significantly improved possibilities of S/4HANA, the HTML5-based front-end with Fiori, and the merging of functionalities that were previously limited due to technology open up significant improvements in the mapping of business processes.

For example, the changes include the mapping of creditors and debtors using Customer Vendor Integration (CVI) on the business side, while in logistics there are opportunities to increase efficiency through improved material requirements planning (MRP runs) and optimised inventories. Aggregate formation is no longer necessary and has been replaced by real-time evaluations due to the changed data model.

Changes and risks

These improvements vary according to industry and type of change. There are industry-specific market-approved journeys here.

However, preparations are needed at all levels in order to reap these benefits: A review of the in-house developments to date is essential. The points that must be checked are as follows: Will use of this in-house development still be high, will it be necessary in the future, is it compatible with the changed data model?

After an initial analysis, a decision on whether the greenfield or the brownfield approach is more promising can be taken. Migration using the bluefield approach, in which only a limited amount of data is processed by the conversion, is also a possible alternative.

On the technical side, it may be necessary to take into account that new technologies are used with SAP HANA and Linux. Appropriate know-how must be built up or required of the operating partner, depending on the operating model. The operating model can also change. As the acceptance of hypervisors (IaaS) such as Microsoft Azure, AWS or even GCP increases, these can be among the range of solutions. Reference architectures with solutions and technologies from SAP (Intelligent Enterprise Suite with S/4HANA and SCP) and Microsoft (Azure Services, Modern Workplace) provide templates for planning the migration.

The use of Azure enables a highly agile approach and removes any hardware restrictions. Infrastructure can be provided at the push of a button and – especially important in a project – can be scaled to a different size.

adesso is your partner for the transformation process

adesso has the corresponding industry know-how and, as an SAP Gold Partner, extensive experience with SAP products.

Our experts provide you with end-to-end support for all aspects of the S/4HANA transformation. Short project durations and optimal results are ensured by our experience with S/4HANA projects as well as the consulting solutions developed in-house for the migration to SAP HANA and Microsoft Azure.

We will develop a project plan for your transformation project on the process and solution level, together with you. A suitable workshop instrument is the Interaction Room (IR). Insight into the interrelationships and a focus on the essentials can be achieved by involving all those affected and involved and by looking at different perspectives.

Introduction of SAP industry solutions

We offer solutions for the utilities sector, banks and financial service providers, public administrations, service industries and for companies in the consumer goods and manufacturing industries. We will show you how the introduction of SAP industry solutions can look like in detail using two selected examples.

Learn more about our SAP industry solutions

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