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Customer Relationship Management

Understand customers at a glance


A well thought out customer relationship management strategy is key to ensuring the success of your sales and marketing activities. There is an art to maintaining a comprehensive overview of individual customers as well as larger customer groups. A reliable, consistent database makes this possible. You need to use it as a basis for shaping CRM processes, planning campaigns and managing interactions with your customers.

Many lotteries are not able to do this, though, since they lack a standardised database with consistent high quality. Meanwhile, the strict regulations for the gambling market – which are put into place to protect minors and prevent gaming addiction – place very high demands on lottery companies, especially in terms of CRM systems and campaign management.


Our industry and CRM experts are well versed in lotteries and the technologies they require. We work together with you to identify implement a CRM strategy that runs smoothly. Whether you are interested in addressing customers with individual content, better evaluating visitor data for your website or setting up automatic campaign reporting, we support you from initial planning through to day-to-day use.

This includes:

  • Planning, designing and carrying out a CRM potential analysis
  • Analysing the relevant processes and creating a target design
  • Deriving requirements from the target design
  • Comparing and selecting CRM software
  • Creating an implementation concept
  • Supporting you with the design, pilot and integration
  • Supporting you with implementation and rollout

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