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Get a 360-degree view of player activities

A brand new iGaming platform with decades of experience

Using leading-edge technology, LotteryForce offers a wide range of proven security features. And even better: it combines all the knowledge of consumer-centric appearance from all industries, such as retail or mobile commerce. As a cloud-based, modular solution, LotteryForce is scalable and runs on a hyper-converged infrastructure. Thanks to its high-performance interfaces, LotteryForce integrates smoothly into existing systems, be it any given game vertical or a retail terminal backbone.


LotteryForce is about people before it’s about technology. For this reason, LotteryForce is completely customer-centered. The solution helps to truly understand each player and meet them individually.

LotteryForce enables lotto to be played quickly, easily, and conveniently – especially outside of lottery agents. Solutions such as one-click-buy offers can be placed on streaming platforms or in social networks. In other words, wherever customers are digitally active.

LotteryForce helps to develop and digitize the relationship between the player and the lottery retailer. Collecting data via an app or an in-store terminal makes it possible to record every interaction. Lotteries can create a “Single Player View”, which enables them to understand customers better, create customized offers, and engage them to play.

LotteryForce brings companies, retailers, and players together via the CRM component. The new CRM modules based on Salesforce make it possible to combine specific information. LotteryForce thus supports the requirements of the sales outlets and the management of the players – across all channels and in real time.

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Explanatory Video: That's how you get to know your anonymous customers

In our explanatory video you will see what the journey of a customer’s conversion into a registered user might look like: from an anonymous player to a truly known customer. A smart way to reinvent your business.

LotteryForce is a solution that features stable performance and cloud readiness. You too can benefit:

  • LotteryForce is made in Germany, precisely tailored to the requirements of your industry.
  • adesso experts with industry experience implement the LotteryForce solution for you.
  • LotteryForce meets all current data protection requirements.
  • The solution is based on a hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI).
  • LotteryForce is scalable and allows you to design a customized product and technology roadmap.
  • The solution reduces your running costs compared to other solutions.
Explanatory Video: That's how the IT architecture of LotteryForce works

In the video you will learn just how innovative the adesso LotteryForce system is. Our in-depth explanation will show you what makes it stand out from other iGaming systems. We will look at the system architecture to understand its inner workings.

LotteryForce is a sales solution for all channels

You can address all your players equally with any of the system’s individual components, getting a true 360-degree view of player activities that are within your responsibility or just processed on behalf of a B2B partner. Anyhow: LotteryForce Campaigns will address all of your directly or indirectly known players. Once you know your customers, you reinvent your business.

LotteryForce makes you ready to reinvent your business!

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LotteryForce Components

LotteryForce is state-of-the-art technology, made by experienced minds. We are convinced that we have brought the most modern solution available to the international market. Learn more about its modules and features.

LotteryForce Player Account Management (PAM) is the core element of your direct customer management. Regardless of the sales channel, you have an unrestricted 360-degree view of any identified customer action. Smart identity management prevents multiple registrations and allows cross-channel game configuration, including limits and promotions. The single player view is therefore an important component of responsible gaming.

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LotteryForce CRM B2C is the central component for marketing andservice. Our Salesforce installation is specially tailored to your lotterybusiness and enables you to address your customers individually.The seamless linking of all service channels allows the lotteryto interact with the customer, including SMS, phone, chat, e-mail,and even respond to social media comments. Artificial intelligencesupports contacting the customer, analyzing consumer behaviorfor the best contact channels, and timing as well as providing insightsbased on deep data analysis. This intelligent evaluation ofgaming behavior allows you to adapt your advertising to your customersindividually and create targeted campaigns.

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LotteryForce CRM B2B supports the complete retailer life cycle from onboarding to contract management including e-signature up to hardware history and case management. The component is based on the Salesforce platform offering extensive options for optimizing your retail business. Map based smart route planning and a standardized survey functionality assist regional managers in organizing and analyzing their visits. Comprehensive reporting provides on demand, graphically oversight of key performance indicators engaging all data in the system. LotteryForce CRM B2B helps your sales team keep an eye on everything, even in the app.

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Our sports betting solution performs as powerfully as the heroes inthe arenas and stadiums we cheer for. LotteryForce Sports expandsyour possibilities and connects your customers to the games.

LotteryForce Sports

With LotteryForce Instant, adesso offers you a centralized tool for a virtual instant lottery experience. Whether it is applied to extend physical tickets digitally or purely used to offer new games optimized for smartphones or the Internet, LotteryForce Instant is the most efficient solution for ensuring a quick, fun playing experience.

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LotteryForce Gaming enables you to manage all your online games, such as Lotto, EuroMillions, or Powerball. The simple configuration of game parameters including fees or stakes makes for intuitive operation. Our gaming component enables you to handle all your processes, from player input to submission in your transaction system.

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Bingo challenges the technology behind the customer interface. When draws take place every few minutes, the back-end system needs to be well constructed and carefully designed. This is no problem with our LotteryForce Bingo solution.

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Fast technology for rapid gaming: With LotteryForce Keno, adesso offers a solution that works in real time and processes all transactions securely. The application is compatible with numerous devices.

LotteryForce Keno

“LotteryForce is one of the most modern and advanced iGaming platforms on the market. Both adesso’s in-depth industry knowledge and solid technological expertise have always been an advantage for us. For over two decades, adesso has been a valued provider of both software and consulting services to us at WestLotto.”
Dr. Bernd Dechant | Senior Vice President WestLotto
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“Since 2013 the Thuringian State Lottery has been relying on the iGaming Suite from adesso. This is an extremely stable and reliable platform, which is connected at the back end to the central system of IGT. The coordinated and silent cooperation of the software components have impressed us from day one. In 2021 we have introduced adesso‘s new platform LotteryForce.”
Jochen Staschewski | CEO of the Thuringian State Lottery
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"adesso not only convinced us with the necessary expertise, but also offers us a tailor-made solution with which we can expand our portfolio at any time. This enables us to always keep our finger on the pulse of time and our players as well as to quickly provide new, attractive gaming offers."
Daniel Luder | Head of Development at Swisslos
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