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Either the new version of the lottery center system will be delivered or a new generation of lottery terminals will be rolled out. No go-live without effective test management and structured quality assurance. We do it for you, so you do not experience any rude surprises. On the basis of the International Software Testing Qualifications Board (ISTQB), our experts define the software quality measures in all lottery projects. We not only rely on manual tests but also on modern software automation technologies.

Not letting faith decide over anything

In order to be able to fully test the applications in your lottery, we are pursuing a multi-stage test process: from the development of a test strategy to the archiving of your test results, each step serves only one purpose: Check whether your software and your devices do what they are supposed to do - under almost all circumstances. Especially for the testing of mobile applications we bring experiences from numerous projects.

With this procedure, you are prepared for all cases: for agile testing as well as for testing typical applications (for example, relaunching internet presence or central system modernisation). Our testing experts have developed a sophisticated test management and support your teams on site. In order to achieve safer results and keep the processes lean, we rely on test automation and software-based test tools wherever possible, and we can support your lottery organisation competently.

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