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Transforming core IT processes

Using the right technologies and solutions for a successful digitalisation project

Reaching the energy market of tomorrow together

The energy industry is in a state of flux: statutory regulations and adjustments by the German Federal Network Agency as well as technological changes to SAP software regularly trigger a need to adapt. In this context, changes have to be implemented, and new functions have to be added to many CRM and accounting systems.

Our experts bring the right mix of technology expertise and sound understanding of your digitalisation project. We combine our expertise with the cross-industry experience we’ve gained from numerous, successfully completed customer projects. Not only will you benefit from successful strategy and process consultancy, but also from the reliable development and implementation of new software for digitalising business processes.

The shift from SAP IS-U to S4/HANA

In addition to coping with regulatory changes, many systems also need to be adapted at the technical level. The shift from using SAP IS-U to using S4/HANA or an alternative solution must be made by 2027, or at the latest, by 2030 – a project that presents major opportunities.

adesso not only supports you in choosing a suitable approach for this project, but also reliably guides the transition towards a solution that can be used efficiently, has a high degree of resilience and reusability and streamlines project times.

Our industry-oriented consultancy structure and extensive experience with SAP products, as demonstrated in our certification as an SAP Gold Partner, guarantee you comprehensive and well-founded expertise. Likewise, our expertise with Microsoft products and solutions led to us receiving a large number of Gold certifications. Our several thousand person-days of experience with SAP S/4HANA projects as well as our in-house-developed consultancy solutions for the migration to S4/HANA and Microsoft Azure ensure short project durations and optimal results.

Our services at a glance

Our technology solutions for your company’s success

The support provided by adesso orange, adesso Group’s SAP experts, guarantees in-depth process and industry expertise for utilities customers.

This expert support makes it possible to coordinate with corporate strategies and needs to develop a custom-fit SAP architecture that not only accounts for the transition in the energy sector, but actively supports it. adesso promotes the transition from being a conventional energy supplier to being a modern energy service provider by integrating smart infrastructures, modern metering devices or decentralised power plants.

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powercloud is an open cloud platform for the energy industry that is offered as a software-as-a-service solution (SaaS) by powercloud GmbH. The company has over 200 customers and is the current market leader in Germany. powercloud boasts a powerful CRM and accounting system that supports suppliers and municipal utility services (and, in the near future, grid and meter operators) in meeting the IT and customer requirements of the future.

As a partner, adesso assists in switching systems over to modern platforms, provides support for process transformations and facilitates fast, first-class service.

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The previous systems used in the industry are mostly traditional process and accounting systems that focus on accurate accounting and business management. However, they don’t support energy suppliers in meeting their customer’s wide range of expectations. Expanding an internal system landscape to include an industry-specific solution for customer relationship management (CRM) is therefore an essential component of the digital transformation. Getting started with the help of the cloud-based Salesforce Energy Cloud and the compatible quick-start packages from adesso is now easier and faster than ever before.

SmartPackages for quick starters

Our SmartPackages, which are based on the Salesforce Energy Cloud, are an inexpensive and quick path to digitalising services and solutions for your customers. This makes it possible to address and overcome the most pressing challenges you face when it comes to meeting your customers’ and partners’ needs – in weeks rather than months:

  • Marketing starter package – reach and secure your customers; quick start to legally compliant consent management. Campaigns for price adjustments, churn prevention and new product launches can then build on this.
  • Service starter package – consultancy, assistance and upselling for clients and partners; integration of phone, e-mail and text services in combination with a comprehensive 360-degree view of your customers. Use customer contacts in combination with intelligent product suggestions to expand your business.
  • Solution sales starter package – impress your customers with solutions instead of products; product and target group-specific sales processes lead to shorter offer cycles, which generates higher levels of customer satisfaction and a greater probability of closing deals.
  • On-site usage starter package – wow your customers, whether connecting or setting up a PV system, wall box, smart home or security solution. From taking customers’ orders to commissioning, predefined energy field service processes from adesso enable fast and efficient planning and implementation as well as real-time transparency for process managers.

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The next step: integration, customer empowerment and innovation

All SmartPackages can be combined with and used as an upgrade for one another: existing systems can be further upgraded after just a few weeks or adapted to directly interlinked processes. In doing so, we not only help you identify and prioritise quick wins, but we also help you develop and implement a system extension for automating workflows in a way that enhances efficiency and help you integrate them into existing systems.


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