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The past two years have been characterised by a series of crises that have significantly increased the already existing pressure on the energy industry to transform. The coronavirus pandemic, the conflict in Ukraine and rising energy prices forced the industry to adapt quickly to new framework conditions. For example, the implementation of price brakes for electricity and gas in IT solutions posed an enormous challenge. In view of the increasing regulatory changes in ever shorter cycles, energy companies need to be flexible, agile and resilient. A robust and flexible IT infrastructure is the indispensable basis for this. This year's E-World energy & water, the annual trade fair and congress for the energy and water industry, therefore focused on the following topics: the hydrogen economy - including generation, storage, transport and use cases; digitalisation and Industry 4.0 - with a focus on the potential applications of AI, IoT and blockchain; sustainability and climate neutrality - with a focus on energy efficiency, the circular economy and greenhouse gas reduction; and finally the energy transition and regulation.

Highlights of this year's trade fair

Keynote speech on the topic of hydrogen

Hydrogen: One of the focus topics at E-World 2024: hydrogen plays a decisive role on the path to a climate-neutral future. Our presentation and the panel discussion on "Hydrogen economy: digitalised processes, business models and market development" were very well attended. This is because hydrogen will become increasingly important in the coming years due to the goal of climate neutrality in the energy supply. This requires new business models in order to stabilise the market and stimulate investment. Together with industry experts from EWE GASSPEICHER GmbH, GWI and Open Grid Europe (OGE), we were able to present adesso's solutions. The AI-based hydrogen suitability test enables an automated analysis of the H2 suitability of existing gas grids. In addition, the H2 system cockpit offers a trading platform for producers and consumers of hydrogen and EEG electricity.

Further information on the topic of hydrogen and the services we offer in this context can be found on our website.

The GenAI Check

Artificial intelligence (AI) is currently a key topic in the technology landscape. Companies in the energy industry are also faced with the challenge of examining how they can effectively integrate AI into their business processes. adesso offers an ideal introduction to the topic with the "GenAI Quick Check". At our trade fair stand, interested parties had the opportunity to use a maturity model to determine their current AI status and find out what steps are necessary to exploit the full potential of their organisation. Illustrative use cases along the entire value chain of the energy industry made the topic tangible for the specialist audience. Our #GenAI Quick Check at the trade fair stand clearly showed that many companies are either just discovering the possibilities of AI-based solutions such as Company GPTs and Microsoft365 Copilot or are already intensively exploring them.

Further information on the GenAI Check and the services we offer in this context can be found on our Website.

The classic topics from adesso

The crises of the last two years have significantly increased the already enormous transformation pressure on the energy industry. After the coronavirus pandemic, the war in Ukraine and skyrocketing energy prices meant that the industry had to adapt quickly to new framework conditions time and again. For example, implementing the price brakes for electricity and gas in IT solutions was an enormous feat of strength. These regulatory changes, which take place in ever shorter cycles, require energy companies to be flexible, agile and resilient. An indispensable basis for this is a resilient and flexible IT infrastructure. As an experienced partner, adesso offers customised IT solutions that range from the optimisation of the core business to customer-oriented service landscapes and the use of innovative platforms such as SAP BTP. We are at home in both worlds: energy and IT. Our motto: Passion for Power. Technology for growth. We are familiar with the latest technologies and trends such as GenAI. However, customer benefit is at the centre of every project. This is how we measure ourselves: Solutions that work reliably and drive your business forward.

Digital Utilities

IT solutions play a decisive role in optimising the core business and processes along the entire energy industry value chain. From process automation and the provision of data platforms for forecasting models to adapting to new regulations - with a wide range of services from strategy consulting to the implementation of a grid connection portal, customers are preparing for the energy market of the future.

Customer Centricity

The use of generative AI applications enables an efficient yet personalised customer approach, be it in first-level support, through chatbots or in the analysis of social media interactions. Customer-centric service landscapes enable companies to increase their market penetration and differentiate themselves from the competition. The spectrum of solutions ranges from cloud platforms for customer relationship management (CRM) to the use of influencer marketing.

Platform transformation

IT is constantly evolving. Existing systems such as SAP need to be further developed so that they can continue to realise their full potential in the future. Currently in focus: SAP BTP (Business Technology Platform). The powerful, cloud-based platform connects individual solutions, leading to optimised processes and greater agility within the company. Data-based business models are only possible with modern IT.

Experts with industry and technology expertise are needed to sustainably utilise the potential of IT in the energy industry. adesso is at home in both worlds: energy and IT. Our motto: Passion for Power. Technology for growth. With passion, adesso has successfully implemented more than 1,000 projects with energy suppliers, municipal utilities and others. We are familiar with the latest technologies and trends such as GenAI. However, the customer benefit is at the centre of every project. This is how we measure ourselves: reliably functioning solutions that drive business forward.

After the exhibition is before the next one

Now that the business

We look forward to seeing you again at E-World 2025 from 11 to 13 February 2025 in Essen. See you again

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By the way: You can find out more about our services in the energy industry on our website. Our experts have the right mix of technological expertise and in-depth understanding for your digitalisation project.

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Ellen Szczepaniak is an experienced project manager specialising in consulting for companies in the energy industry. In her projects, she has gained experience both as a requirements engineer and scrum master in an agile environment and as an interaction room coach and management consultant in traditional projects. She is characterised in particular by her structured and analytical approach as well as her expertise in the context of the energy industry and electromobility.

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