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Next-level customer engagement with AI

I want to use my blog post to share with you what the future of customer engagement might look like using AI and what companies can do to foster a next-level customer engagement environment. We live in a time in which customers are overwhelmed with floods of information, so taking a targeted, personal approach makes companies stand out from the crowd and can be a key factor in their success.

Our world is developing rapidly, and the expectations of our customers are increasing at the same pace. As we all know, the market for goods and services is now huge and, above all, overflowing with an incredibly broad spectrum of providers. With such a wide range of products and services on offer, it is becoming increasingly important for companies to take an individualised and professional approach to their customers. After all, it is not only the customers’ expectations that continue to rise, but also the number of them in general, and companies need to find ways to develop a unique appeal. The goal here is to stand out from the crowd, strengthen their customer loyalty and gain a competitive advantage.

The growing potential of AI

Artificial intelligence in the form of a digital assistant is quickly spreading around the world. In the next few years, companies from every industry will have to find ways to use these new applications successfully and in a targeted manner. It would be unwise for them to underestimate the potential of AI, with projects indicating that it will reach a market value of approximately $190 billion by 2025. AI can redesign or enhance customer experiences and allow content to be personalised with a high level of specificity, helping companies to properly target their customers and strengthen their relationships. AI’s potential to change the world of the customer experience for the better and develop new processes makes it a highly valuable tool. There is also a variety of ways in which artificial intelligence can be used, and it is getting easier and easier to integrate into business processes. It will also become easier to use AI to optimise processes in the coming years, not to mention cheaper to use in general. Companies should definitely not miss out on this change.

Redesigning customer experiences

Let us now take a look at how AI can change and improve the individual customer experience. By analysing large amounts of data, AI can identify which content is particularly popular with customers. This means that customised content and offers can be generated for a specific customer group to optimise the personal experience. A personalised approach makes it easier to get the customer’s attention. In marketing, for example, AI can create personalised advertising content featuring tailored messages, e-mails, videos or similar content. Marketing campaigns can be optimised, reaching a larger audience and retaining existing customers.

What is more, by recognising information about customers’ preferences, behaviours and interests, companies can cater to them with a personalised-at-scale approach. If the content that the customer receives includes a number of personalised recommendations and information that is relevant to them, then it is also more likely that they will respond to an offer or generally perceive the customer journey as a positive experience. For example, in sales, a sales process can be tailored to the preferences of the customer through similar recommendations and customer-oriented content. This has a positive impact on the process and the user experience.

Furthermore, analysing customer data and customer interactions enables problems and challenges to be identified and dealt with. Providing solution-oriented and individually adapted customer support helps companies build up a good relationship with their customers in the long term. In addition, there is a greater chance that satisfied customers will leave positive reviews and recommend the company to others. And in terms of customer contact, support agents can significantly reduce the time needed to process support tickets by having immediate access to the relevant information and make processes more efficient.

Artificial intelligence can be trained using deep learning or automated learning techniques, meaning it can improve itself and thus provide a more specific response to customers’ needs, requirements and expectations. This makes AI a unique technology that can be integrated into many processes while remaining flexibly adaptable.

It is important to note that artificial intelligence should always be used in conjunction with human expertise, as this combination creates the most conducive environment for increasing customer satisfaction and continuously boosting customer engagement. I believe we can work with AI to automate processes and make work more efficient. Human development can also be enhanced by AI, as it makes learning processes and automation more efficient. In addition, the vast quantities of data that form the basis for training AI are becoming more and more extensive and AI will presumably continue to be able to help us in the future, for example, with the evaluation and analysis of data.

Seeing artificial intelligence as something positive, getting to grips with the various AI tools and learning as much as you can about the subject is an approach that I can only recommend to everyone.


Artificial intelligence is a critical tool to help businesses take customer experiences to a new level and gain a competitive advantage. The targeted use of AI enables companies to create content and offers tailored to their customers, implement efficient support solutions and develop customised marketing and sales strategies. By using customer data, companies can offer a personalised approach and an improved customer experience. It is important that companies take advantage of the opportunities AI offers to develop their customer engagement strategies and deliver a personalised customer experience.

You can find everything you need to know about what adesso is doing with AI on our website. You will also be able to learn more about how AI can help you in your daily work and what solutions our experts have for you.

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Author Leane Dikmen

Leane Dikmen has been a CRM Consultant Trainee in the Competence Center Customer Engagement at adesso since 2022 and specialises in the topics of customer journey, campaign management and marketing automation. In this context, she has developed a keen interest in the potential and development of AI.

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